D-link router local: DIR-878 Gigabit Router setup & login

DIR-878 Gigabit Router is a Gigabit router with AC1900 MU-MIMO WIFI capacity. It gives your house powerful networking solutions, which are designed for small as well as for large homes. Dlink router login can merge high-speed 802.11ac Wi-Fi with dual-band technology, including Gigabit Ethernet ports. Moreover, the DIR-878 Gigabit Router provides you and your devices with a seamless networking experience with great convenience and flexibility. 

Connecting the D-link DIR-878 Gigabit Router local to the Modem

  1. To connect your router to the modem, first, power it using its power adapter. 
  2. Connect the power adapter to the back of your modem and power it on using the power switch. 
  3. Then, connect your router using a different power adapter to your Dlink DIR-878 Gigabit Router wifi router and take it to the power source of your house. 
  4. Turn the power button on at the back of the router by pressing the button. 
  5. To ensure your D’link router local login, power on the modem, and check the status of the LEDs. 
  6. If the LED on your Dlink router setup is solid, that means the modem is powered on correctly. 
  7. Then check the LED on your router. If it is solid blue or white means the router is powered on successfully and is ready to use. 
  8. You need to connect the computer to the router to configure the internet connection. 
  9. Connect your computer to your Dlink DIR-878 wifi router using an Ethernet cable into the LAN of both of the devices. 
  10. Now, take a novel Ethernet cable and connect it to the WAN ports of the router, and the other end will go into the WAN of the Modem. 

On some Dlink router setup devices, the WAN ports are yellow. Whereas on other models, the WAN ports are black. 

Making wireless connection for your Dlink router

  1. Click on the wireless dlink router login icon from the bottom right corner of your computer screen and view a list of all available networks. 
  2. From the displayed wireless network list, click on the network name. You may find it on the package of your router configuration card. 
  3. Enter a password or the security key of your WIFI network. The Dlink router setup details are on the printed label of your router. 
  4. You have to connect to the router to join the Dlinkrouter.local page network.

Access to D’link router local settings

  • Open a Web directory and type the default IP address into the Addy bar. 
  • The IP address of your D’link router local page is For some Dlink models, the IP address can be 
  • Now, in the next step, you have to enter the username and password of your router. 
  • So be prepared and note down the details from the hardware panel of your router. 
  • Entering the IP address or the default web address dlinkap.local will lead you to the Dlink router login window. 
  • Enter the user name, which is admin. Leave the password area blank. 
  • If it does not work, use the d’link router local admin password for the password. 

Run the Dlink router setup Wizard & Select Connection

  • Initiate the Smart Setup Wizard to configure your Dlink DIR-878 Gigabit Router setup. Click on the option to Run Wizard or just hit the Next option. 
  • Your router will automatically select the settings based on common default information for your wireless connection type. 
  • Then it will ask you to enter the answers to a given series of questions to configure your WIFI router. Select the radial button, which is available just next to your wireless connection type. 
  • Most of the cable modem users should select the DHCP connection unless you know about your service provider’s requirements and a static IP address, in which you have to select the Static IP address.
  • Most of the DSL and ADSL users have to select the PPPoE network. If you choose PPPoE, you will get prompts to enter the username and password. 
  • Enter the PPPoE username and password provided by your ISP. Click the Next option to continue.

Dlink DIR-878 Gigabit Router setup with the Amazon Alexa?

Download the Alexa app on your smartphone device, tablet, computer, and iOS device. You can download the Amazon Alexa app from the Google Play store or the Apple app store. Then install it on your device.

After launching the app, follow the below steps.

Tap the menu icon from the top left corner, and select the [Skills] button. Then you need to search for the d’link router local and search for an appropriate skill for the device you have from the dlinkrouter.local 

There will be many options, like;

  • D’link Camera to Controls cameras,
  • Dlink router setup with smart plug devices, and
  • Dlink router login with Smart Wi-Fi system, etc.
  1. Then tap the Enables button to enable the skills you want to pair with the Amazon Alex. Now on the next page, enter your dlink router login credentials to sign in. 
  2. Wait for the skill you have selected to link with the D-Link account.
  3. Once you get the skill confirmation page, tap the cross symbol or done to close the app. 
  4. Then click the option [Discover Devices] to search for the devices compatible with Alexa.

Now, wait for a while till Alexa searches the devices. Now, the discovered devices will have appeared in the [Smart Home Screen], and that is it. You have done the setup process to control your smart home wireless router with the other smart home devices to manage the Amazon Alexa.

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