How do I change the password on D-link Router?

Change WiFi Password via dlinkrouter.local

D link router password change? Applying passwords to your wireless network is a smart move to secure your network and to reduce the risk of piracy. If you’ve bought a new D-Link router it is recommended that you need to set up new credentials to access your Wireless network across all the corners of the home.

If you’re an old user of D-Link Routers, it is advised to change your WiFi password once in three months to keep it even more secure. While setting up a new password ensure to make a note of it because passwords are more likely to be forgotten after you change them. Also, try to set a password that is an easy guess to others. 

Let us tell you how you can do it, There are two methods:

  1. Via  https://dlinkrouter.local
  2. Via mydlink web portal

Method 1 to d link router password change

  1. On a computer or any device connected to the WiFi network, open a web browser, and enter http://dlinkrouter or http://dlinkrouter.local or into the URL/address bar.
  2. D-link Router’s default username is Admin and you can leave the password field blank. Click Login.
  3. Open the Setup tab, you will see Wireless Settings on the left side, click it.
  4. Select Manual Wireless Network Setup.
  5. Scroll down the page until you see the “Wireless Security Mode” option on the list.

In this section, it will ask you to set up a new password. Now specify a new password and click Save Settings at the top of the page once done.

If your D-Link Router is registered with mydlink, you need to be logged in via mydlink web portal at to personalize the settings.

D link router password change

Method 2

  1. On a computer or any device connected to the WiFi network, open the web browser, and enter into the URL/ address bar.
  2. With the existing username and password, you need to Log in to mydlink web portal.
  3. From My Devices> select Router> go to Settings.
  4. In settings, select Basic Settings to change your password. To see what you are typing, click Show password.
  5. Once done making the changes, Select Apply.
  6. A confirmation window opens, Select Yes to apply the new settings you’ve made to the router. In about 90 seconds the changes will be saved the router will reboot.

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