Dlink DIR 816 firmware upgrade techniques

Firmware update to your Dlink DIR 816 router enhances the connectivity and keeps your Dlink router login secure. Dlink always keeps you aware of downloading the latest firmware whenever they release.

  1. Log into your Dlink router using http://dlinkap.local through a web browser.
  2. While you log in to your router, you can see a firmware update message at the top of the dashboard page (If there is any firmware update).
  3. Click on that message that appeared on the top of the Dlink router login basic home page and see if any latest d link firmware update is available.
  4. To login to your Dlink DIR 816 router, open a web browser.
  5. Enter dlinkap.local/login web address at the address bar of the browser. And then click the OK tab.
  6. On the Dlink router login page, enter the username and password. It is on your router or uses your customized login details.
  7. Go to the advanced section and click the Administration option. If you see any firmware update under the update section, click the browse button.
  8. Click YES! And the router will automatically download the new firmware version.  

Changing the login information of your Dlink router is the first thing we all should do after gaining access to our router. 

  1. Enter the default IP address of your router into the search bar of your favorite web browser.
  2. Log in using the default username and password of your dlinkap.local page. 
  3. Both the credentials can be an admin for most Dlink router models.
  4. Now you have to Go to settings and select the “Change Router Password” or similar option.
  5. Enter a new Dlink router login password that you are supposed to create.
  6. After that, SAVE the new settings by tapping at the SAVE tab.
  7. We should not forget that a strong password must be eight to 16 characters long. 
  8. It must be a combination of letters, numbers, and special symbols.

Dlink has created an app to help you set up your Wi-Fi router. You have to open your dlinkap.local login page on your smartphone to access the login page. Just go to the app store or the play store of your device and download the app. So many functions are there that you perform using your Dlink router login app.

Dlinkap.local/login features

  1. With the mobile management apps offered by Dlink, you can easily change login credentials and control access to all frequencies.
  2. The parental control setup using the dlinkap.local login makes it safe for your kids to access the internet. It protects them from accessing malicious or vulgar sites.
  3. The outstanding capability of these apps includes an additional layer of security to your WIFI network.
  4. These apps provide you with anti-phishing and malware-detection capabilities that you can configure anytime.
  5. You can set up and log in to your Dlink DIR816 router anytime you want.
  6. Change the password & username, and other login details using the Dlink app.
  7. The Dlink router reset process can also be implemented using the Dlink app.
  8. Using the dlinkap.local/login, your router will work very fast and give you reliable performance.

Is your router using multiple frequencies? Then you may select to limit the guest access to the slower network, like 2.4 GHz.

  1. First, you should complete the Basic step of setting up the router by associating it to the modem, plugging it into the electric outlet, and finishing the router setup wizard.
  2. Remove the cap of the given antennas, and screw them into the posts on the rear of your DIR 816 router.
  3. The outside antennas of your router should be placed at 45° angles and position the central antennas vertically.
  4. The existing modem of your house should be unplugged from the power slot to turn it off.
  5. If the modem uses batteries as backup, then remove the batteries also.
  6. Connect the Ethernet cable to the internet port on the rear of your Dlink DIR816 router.
  7. Then, the dlinkap.local login process further needs to connect the Ethernet cable to the WAN port on the modem.
  8. Plug the modem into power and turn it on. Press the power button on your router, and turn it on.
  9. Wait for the LEDs to turn it on, and if the LEDs are solid and blinking solid, the router is powered.
  10. Are you using an iPad or other device like a smartphone? Then, connect to the Wi-Fi network.

The username and password are given at the back of your Dlink DIR 816 to access the Dlink app page. Open a web browser of your choice and wait until the app loads automatically, then visit dlinkap.local login web page through the Addy of the browser.

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