How to install D-Link DIR-842 Dual-Band-Wireless-Router -AC1200 Gigabit Router?

D-Link DIR-842 wireless router is a perfect combination in the field of performance and easy to use. This router delivers high-performance excellent speed throughout the home. It comes packed with the speed up to 1200 Mbps. 

The installation process of the D-Link DIR-842 Router involves the establishment of a connection on your router with the help of a modem and the computer device. The D-Link Router via www.dlinkrouter.local login/setup page allows the users to configure the D-Link DIR-842 dual-band wireless router AC1200 Gigabit router.


Steps to Install the D-Link DIR-842 Router

The Following are the essential steps to complete the installation procedure of your router. It includes:-

  1. In the initial step, power off your modem available, and after that, unplug the modem from your power source outlet or power wall socket.
  2. After waiting for 2-3 seconds, plug in your modem to your D-Link DIR-842 dual-band wireless router AC1200 Gigabit router by taking the help of an Ethernet cable, which attaches to the Ethernet port of modem using one end and another end to the internet port of your D-Link Router.
  3. By attaching the power adapter, connect your D-Link Router to the power source outlet.
  4. In the next step, power on your D-Link DIR-842 dual-band wireless router AC1200 Gigabit router. Make sure that your power LED is in ON state.
  5. After connecting your power adapter to the power source outlets, power on your modem.
  6. Connect your computer device to your D-Link DIR-842 Wireless Router AC1200 Gigabit router by using an Ethernet cable, which helps to connect the Ethernet port on your personal computer and another end to the LANs port of the D-Link Router.
  7. Navigate a preferred web browser on your computer to access the D-Link Router Set up Page. Enter the http://dlinkrouter.local default web address in the address bar. Tap on the Enter key.

NOTE: The user can also type the default IP address only if one is unable to access through the dlinkrouter.local web interface.

  1. Enter the default login credentials, only if you have not changed. Provide username as admin and left the password as blank to access the D-Link DIR-842 dual-band wireless router AC1200 Gigabit router via dlinkrouter.local Login Page.
  2. Once, the user login to the router for the very first time, then the D-Link Wizard Setup will automatically guide the step-by-step process in order to configure your new D-link DIR-842 wireless router. Additionally, connect to the internet connection type automatically to detect the connection type.
  3. When it asked, enter the default login information for the internet connection type-username as well as password, which is already provided by the internet service provider (ISP) for the DSL (PPPoE) and the DNA settings for static IP settings.
  4. Remain to continue with the D-Link Smart Wizard Set up on-screen instructions to complete the D-Link DIR-842 dual-band wireless router AC1200 Gigabit router installation process.
  5. When the internet LED light will turn to light green, it will state that your D-Link Wireless Router is properly connected to the internet. It will take place only when your internet connection will properly be setup. 

So, this is how you can set up your D-Link AC1200 gigabit router by using dlinkrouter.local graphical user interface accessible through the internet browser.

With the advent of the latest technology, the manufacturing of the D-Link Router made the configuration easy and much more compatible to Set up and Install.

NOTE: Apart from that, one can also establish a wireless connection by connecting your personal computer or mobile device to the router by connecting through Wi-Fi settings. Generally, it depends upon the user’s choice either to establish a wired or wireless connection.

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