Techniques to change Dlink WIFI Password and SSID

You are going to learn all the techniques to change your D-Link wireless extender password. Some latest Dlink router login has dual-band wireless network connections. They give you a wireless network at 2.4 GHz and another at 5 GHz frequency band. You can take a separate Dlink password for both wireless networks. The advanced benefit of choosing a 2.4 GHz wireless band is long-range and smooth wireless connectivity. But you will have a slower internet speed. Instead, the 5 GHz wireless band has a shorter range but faster internet speed. The web interface used to get these wireless frequencies is slightly different from one another. So, the menu options may differ slightly from what you see here. 

Dlink login and password change

  1. Open up a browser on a connected configuration device from your Dlink router’s LAN port.
  2. The computer must have an internet connection. It is better to use a computer that is working on the network. 
  3. Make sure the computer is on to the router network via an Ethernet cable. 
  4. The Dlink router login and password change process is not easy on a wireless network. You may lose connection when the router updates with new information. 
  5. After launching the web browser, enter into the address bar of the browser. It will be the default address for most of the D-Link routers.
  6. If the IP address of your Dlink router does not work, then use the pre-configured web domain dlinkrouter.local in the same address bar. 

If nothing works, find the router’s address For Dlink Password. 

Window – Right Click the Network icon in your computer’s system tray. Click “Open Network and Sharing Center.” Now, tap the “Connections” link to get an active connection at the top of the window section. Click on Details, and then copy the IPv4 Gateway of your router. It is what you need as the router’s address. 

Mac – Click the icon of your OS device, and then select System Preferences. Tap the network option and then select your active network connection. Tap the Advanced button and then hit the “TCP/IP” tab. Now, you need to copy the router’s IP address.

Sign In for Dlink login

  1. Copy and paste it into the address bar of the browser after getting the correct IP address of your Dlink router login page. 
  2. Next, you have received the Dlinkrouter.local web-based login window.
  3. Into the login, the window enters admin as the SSID and leaves the password column blank.
  4. These are the most common username and passwords of most of the Dlink login pages.
  5. If a blank password doesn’t work, you should try “ADMIN” as the default Dlink login paraphrase.
  6. Lookup for the default login information of your router in case the combination of default login SSID and password do not work.
  7. Go to the www.dlinkrouter.local official website and type the model number of your Dlink router into the search section.
  8. That’s how you can find the default login credentials of your Dlink router. If still unable to get the login page, press and hold the reset button given on the rear of your router.
  9. Press the reset button for about twenty to thirty seconds, and your router will then reboot and may take a few minutes to restart.
  10. Once reset, you can use the default login information to log in. And then, you can reach on to the Dlink login home page. 

Changing the Dlink login password

  1. Click the wireless tab on the Dlink router login home page through the menu tab. 
  2. If you don’t see this option, click the Setup tab and go for “Wireless Settings” in the left menu. 
  3. Click the Security Mode from the menu section itself and then enable the WPA2 Wireless Security option. 
  4. WPA2 is considered the most secure way to protect your Dlink network. Older D-Link routers do not support WPA2. Here you can use the predecessor of WPA2, which is WPA OR WEP only.
  5. Tap the passphrase or the password option. And then select or create the password that you want to apply. Type the password again to confirm and save.
  6. Click the SAVE button. Now you will be disconnected from all the other wireless devices and require the new password to reconnect. 

How do I replace the Dlink SSID?

The SSID is the WIFI username of your Dlink router wireless network. All devices connected to the network have the same SSID to communicate on the Dlink Router. A local wireless network. 

Step 1: Open up a web browser and type the default gateway or the IP address of your D-Link DI-624 Router and click enter.

Step 2: The default username and password are already below the d link firmware version of your router.

Step 3: The default username is taken by most of the Dlink router login users in the admin.

Step 4: The default password column is left blank. Or in some cases, you may use the paraphrase password only.

Step 5: Click the wireless section. It is on the left of your screen.

Step 6: Here, you see the SSID field. Remove the previous SSID, and then enter that one you wish to have.

Step 7: Tap the apply button and then click to save the new settings on your computer.

To have a secured wireless network and internet sharing without any fear, go for Dlink routers. You can choose Dlink router login modems and wireless range extenders also. Dlinkrouter.local lets you enjoy uninterrupted video streaming.

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