Updating Firmware for Dlink Devices

How do I update my device's firmware manually?

We are sharing with you very easy ways to upgrade the firmware of your Dlink Devices, whether it is a Router or a Camera. You can follow the steps underneath to upgrade the firmware

For Router 

  • Go to the help downloads page and download the firmware’s recent  version for your device. 
  • Open your device’s web interface. 
  • Open Internet Explorer, and peruse to your device’s mydlink URL ( or http://dlinkrouter). 
  • Log in and go to Manual Settings > MAINTENANCE > Firmware Upgrade. 
  • Enter “admin” as your User name, and enter the password that you made in the wizard to sign in. 
  • Click on MAINTENANCE from the top menu bar, at that point click on Firmware Upgrade from the menu on the left. 
  • Here, click on Browse…, select the firmware file you downloaded before, at that point click the Upload button.

For Camera 

During the update cycle, kindly note the below mentioned steps and follow carefully: 

Use of Ethernet Cable: You can use an ethernet cable to connect your Camera to the Dlink Router to upgrade its firmware.

Keep your device connected Do not unplug the force connector or Ethernet cable during the overhaul cycle. 

Try not to run different projects: Do not begin or utilize different applications on your computer during the redesign cycle. 

  • Check your connections. 
  • Ensure your device is connected with your switch with an Ethernet cable for the redesign cycle; don’t utilize a wireless association while overhauling the firmware. Additionally, ensure you utilize a computer associated with a similar switch as your device; don’t play out this cycle through a remote association with your device over the Internet. 
  • Download the most recent firmware to your PC. 
  • Go to the mydlink downloads page to download the firmware document for your device, and unfasten it to your work area or an organizer on your PC. 
  • Open your device’s web interface. 
  • Run your device’s Setup Wizard and record the IP Address for your device. 
  • Enter this IP Address into your web program to access your device’s web interface. 
  • Enter administrator as the User name, enter the password for your device, and afterward click OK. 
  • Execute firmware redesign measure. 
  • Go to MAINTENANCE > Firmware Upgrade to go to the Firmware Upgrade page. Click Browse… to choose the firmware record you spared and unfastened on your computer.
  • Subsequent to choosing the firmware file, click Upload to begin the upgrade cycle. 
  • The upgrade cycle will start, and will take around 2-3 minutes to finish. 
  • Try not to begin or use different applications while upgrading your device’s firmware, and don’t hit Stop, Back, or Reload in your web program during the update cycle.
  • When the upgrade cycle is finished, click on the Firmware Upgrade interface on the left to re-visitation of the Firmware Upgrade page. 
  • When the redesign cycle is finished, click on the Firmware Upgrade interface on the left to re-visitation of the Firmware Upgrade page.

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